AutoZen App

Is your smart driving companion that helps you stay focused and connected. It's designed to make it easier to use apps, make calls, open your favorites apps, receive messages, locate speed cameras, navigate and more.

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Built in Navigation

AutoZen includes a Built in navigation to take you to your destination without switching to other navigation apps. AutoZen navigation is available in portrait and landscape 

Built in Navigation

Navigation never was easier, with AutoZen you can easily navigate using the built in turn by turn navigation

Entertainment so you can enjoy the ride

Take your media on the road. You can choose between several music players like spotify, Deezer etc. you can also control it with your voice.

Light and Dark theme

Choose between Dark and Light Theme

Search places

Search for places near by with couple of touches of the screen or using voice commands

Call and chat features to stay connected

AutoZen can read your messages out loud. And you can write back by talking. You can also place calls with just your voice, AutoZen makes driving less distracting

Search by category

Gas stations? nearby restaurants? no problem, AutoZen can search the most popular categories with a simple click

How AutoZen works

A short video to show you how the navigation works

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Can I connect to my car head unit?

Unfortunately car makers do not allow to mirror into the car, and this app is intended to be uses as standalone app with a car holder. Alternatively there are some car head unit where you might be able to install normal Android apps, then it's possible

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My favorite music player is not listed

Some music players are not compatible because they don't use the new Android interface, this can be problematic but many of the most popular music players are supported. If your music player is not supported, please contact us.

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Can I use Google Navigation instead AutoZen?

Using navigation inside AutoZen is not possible due Google Maps Terms of Services, however there is an alternative for this, you can enable in settings the option "Enable google navigation" under *Maps and Navigation* settings, this option will try to read the information from the Google Maps and will display it on the main screen, however this will not work in all Android versions and the blue route will not be generated.

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How I can edit the apps from the launcher?

You can delete or add any app/shortcut/built in from Settings-> General -> Customize launcher apps, here you can swipe to delete or click onthe "+" icon to add new aps, you can also keep pressed the icon to drag & drop and change the order.

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Can I mirror AutoZen to my car?

Most of the time this is not possible, however some car makers make this possible with the use of Autolink to mirror the entire content of the phone and then opening the app will mirror the screen, here is an example ->

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Can I use Waze as navigation?

Unfortunately Waze does not offer any way to use their navigation inside the app, as an alternative you can select your "Navigation" app in settings and AutoZen will redirect you to Waze and start automatically the navigation.

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How do Speed cameras work?

The speed cameras will warn you when a speed camera is near by, the database works 100% offline and is only for "static cameras",  mobiles camera might come in the near future.

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